Albion Online Hideout

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We have two bases of operation in Albion Online: Our guild island in Lymhurst, and our guild Hideout and Headquarters in the Roads of Avalon

Guild Island

More details about the guild island can be seen here: Albion Online Guild Island

Guild Roads Hideout

We now have a Hideout / Headquarters in the Roads of Avalon! Our hideout is in the Qiitun-Si-Vynsom roads zone. The Roads hideout is a great place to gather, and fame farm out of.

We recommend you keep a couple sets of gear in the HO - we will run occasional events to get gear into and loot out of the hideout, to make sure you can keep equipped for times where the roads are a bit deeper.

You can also set the Hideout as your home location, for easy teleportation access!

Inside of the Qiitun-Si-Vynsom road, you can see our specification location here:

Hideout Location.png