Albion Online Crafting & Refining Roster

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The following is a tracking of our guild's refiners and crafters in Albion Online. If you're in need of services, you can attempt to ask these folks to help you.

If you would like to add yourself to the crafting roster, please contact an officer for details on how to add yourself.


The following crafters have volunteered to lend their skills to their fellow Knights for crafting gear out of the hideout. We offer resources through these crafters to you, our members, well below cost. For details please see Albion Online Guild Economy

Craft AreJayOh Winky Moyaks Der
Plate Boots T6 T5
Plate Armor T6 T6
Plate Helmet T6 T5
Sword T7
Battleaxe T8
Hammer T6
War Gloves
Leather Shoes T6
Leather Armor T6 T7
Leather Hood T6
Bow T6
Nature Staff T6
Dagger T6
Torch T6 T5
Cloth Sandals T6
Cloth Robe T6
Cloth Cowl T6
Fire Staff T5
Holy Staff T6
Arcane Staff
Frost Staff
Cursed Staff
Tome Crafter T5
Demo Hammer
Bag Tailor
Cape Tailor
Fisherman Crafter
Lumberjack Crafter T7
Quarrier Crafter T6
Miner Crafter T7
Skinner Crafter T7
Harvester Crafter T6
Food T8 T8 T8
Potions T8 T8 T8

Crafts With No Representation

The following crafts have no guild representation and should be a priority if you're looking for something to level:

  • Maces
  • War Gloves
  • Crossbows
  • Shields
  • Spears
  • Quarterstaff
  • Arcane Staff
  • Frost Staff
  • Cursed Staff
  • Demo Hammer
  • Bag Tailor
  • Cape Tailor


Name Refining Type Highest Tier Willing to Donate Focus to Guild?
Dragomonk Fiber T6 Y
Dragomonk Stone T5 Y
Arejayoh Wood T7 Y
Arejayoh Hide T7 Y
Moyaks Fiber T7 Y
Moyaks Stone T8 Y
Moyaks Animals T8 Y
Winky Animals T8 Y
Winky Ore T8 Y


Name Gathering Type Highest Tier Tool
Arejayoh Fiber T5
Arejayoh Hide T6
Arejayoh Wood T6
Arejayoh Stone T5
Arejayoh Ore T5
Winky Fiber T6
Winky Hide T6
Winky Wood T6
Winky Stone T6
Winky Ore T8
Winky Fishing T6