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The Guild Armory is the name we've given to our gearing and regearing program in Albion Online.

Guild Armory Objective

The overall objective of this program is two fold:

  • Normalize losses in the event of full loot death and item loss
  • Ensure that guild groups in content where gear matters (i.e. most content in Albion) are up to scratch in terms of item level and to a lesser extent build (see Supported Builds below).

Below we've answered some frequently asked questions and listed some important details, but if there are questions please do ask an officer in Discord or directly.

Guild Armory Funding

We fund the guild armory in three ways, listed in the order of importance and impact:

  • Donations
  • Guild Loot Splitting During Events
  • Guild Tax on Silver


We accept donations of silver (you can make a donation directly by depositing into the guild via the guild UI).

Crafters, gatherers and adventures can donate items to the guild. We have details of that process, including what we need presently available in the Albion Online Guild Donations section of this wiki.

Loot Split

During events that are hosted by officers, a loot split is in effect. This means that all loot is spread equally among event participants, with the guild taking a small cut. You can see more details in the Albion Online Guild Loot Policy section of this wiki.

Guild Tax on Silver

The guild maintains a 5% tax rate, the default tax rate for guilds in the game. This means that 5% of all silver that drops off of mobs is deposited into the guild bank.

In general this is not the material revenue that drives this and other guild programs, if we only had this limited taxation to generate revenue we would not be able to cover the guild's costs. To give an idea, our best tax week so far has been 500k in silver.

Armory Gear Use

Armory gear should be used for the following purposes during events hosted by the guild:

  • Fill gaps in your loadout to help meet IP and gearing requirements for events - we don't want to exclude anyone from our events, so we will help you gear up if you lack the funds
  • Regear you in the event of a full loot death during a guild event

Additionally, at officer discretion, the armory can be used to:

  • Reward contributions by members to the guild
  • Provide prize support for contests, events, etc
  • Provide gearing for new players (likely only low tiers)
  • Gear members who are being asked to play a role that's not their standard (i.e. if we ask someone to cover a healer or tank role)

In general you should be coming to events in gear that is appropriate for the content being run (see gear tiers below). The guild will happily help you tier up your gear from the armory if you're short and don't have the means to acquire higher tier gear yourself, again with the goal being to make sure you don't have to miss events because of your gear / personal economy, but you should make efforts to gear your own character, etc.

Armory Tiers

The guild maintains three standard "tiers" of gear, and we will be using these tiers to set IP standards for events going forward.

Armory Tier Use Case Target Gear Tier IP Target Notes
Tier 1
  • Fame Farming
  • Day to day use
  • BZ fame farming, not taking fights
  • Roads roaming, taking minimal fights
4.2 / 5.1 1000 Less strict adherence to supported builds
Tier 2
  • PvP oriented roaming, and farming
  • Black Zone standard
  • Roads of Avalon standard
  • Alliance event minimum
7.1 1300 Supported builds only
Tier 3
  • ZvZ Standard
  • Declared PvP target (taking an objective, defending an HO, defending alliance, etc)
8.x 1400+ Supported builds only, aspirational at this point

Armory Location

The Guild Armory is located on the Guild Island. The Tier 1 and Tier 2 armories are on different buildings on the Guild Island in Lymurst. See below for details on locations.

Tier 1 Armory

The Tier 1 Guild Armory is currently located on our guild island, there is a house south east of the guild bank, in that house you will find a set of chests, the chests are allocated as follows

4 2Armory.png

Tier 2 Armory

Tier 2 Armory Gear location TBD

Armory Access

Access to the Guild Armory is gated by the Armory Access role in the guild. During events if you need to access the Guild Armory you can request the officer turn the role on for you.

Armory Contents

Armory items are determined by the builds that are supported by the guild. In order to be eligible for regearing and for gear to be included in the Armory the gear must come from a build that is recognized by the guild. Our official list of supported builds is listed here: Albion Online Builds. If you feel a build that isn't on this list should be included, please reach out to an officer in Discord and we will see about having it included!

Our Armory Tier 1 is more flexible and offers a wide range of tier ~4.2 gear. Armory Tiers 2 and 3 are more oriented towards competitive play, and as such are more focused on our supported builds

A note on Supported Builds

We'd like to elaborate on “supported” or “meta” builds and wanted to pause and make something clear: We have no desire to tell you how to play the game. It’s been a core tenant of this guild from the jump that we’re here to provide an environment that enables fun, and nothing more. That said sometimes what’s fun is kicking ass in PvP and not losing winnable fights. There is a balance to be struck here. Meta builds and focusing our gameplay around the competitive realities of the game I think will result in MORE FUN for MORE PEOPLE within the guild. Our goal as a guild is to provide information and incentives - we will provide the details of the builds on the wiki, and we will provide the gear if you want to use one of those builds. Really simple, a whole lot of carrot and we hope not much stick.

Armory Tier 1 Gear

THIS SECTION IS NOT YET COMPLETE - TO BE COMPLETED LATER. We are still working on locking down our supported builds, once that is done we will be updating this section.

WIPThis article is a work in progress - help us improve the wiki by iterating on this article


Item Item Type Build QTY Maintain QTY
Assassin Hood Head 14 30
Fiend Cowl Head 6 20
Mercenary Hood Head 4 20
Helm of Valor Head 4 20
Mage Cowl Head 3 10
Stalker Hood Head 2 10
Specter Hood Head 2 10
Mistwalker Hood Head 2 10
Hunter Hood Head 2 10
Skinners Cap Head 1 5
Scholar Cowl Head 1 5
Royal Hood Head 1 5
Knight Helm Head 1 5
Judicator Helm Head 1 5
Hood of Tenacity Head 1 5
Guardian Helm Head 1 5
Feyscale Hat Head 1 5
Demon Helmet Head 1 5
Cleric Robe Body 12 30
Assassin Jacket Body 7 30
Hellion Jacket Body 5 10
Scholar Robe Body 4 10
Judicator Armor Body 4 10
Mercenary Jacket Body 3 10
Mistwalker Jacket Body 2 5
Guardian Armor Body 2 5
Stalker Jacket Body 1 5
Soldier Armor Body 1 5
Royal Armor Body 1 5
Robe of Purity Body 1 5
Mage Robe Body 1 5
Knight Armor Body 1 5
Graveguard Armor Body 1 5
Feyscale Robe Body 1 5
Duskweaver Armor Body 1 5
Hunter Shoes Feet 16 30
Royal Sandals Feet 12 30
Soldier Boots Feet 4 15
Scholar Sandals Feet 4 15
Cleric Sandals Feet 4 15
Mercenary Shoes Feet 3 10
Shoes of Tenacity Feet 1 5
Royal Shoes Feet 1 5
Royal Leather Shoes Feet 1 5
Cultist Sandals Feet 1 5


Item Item Type Build QTY Maintain QTY
Grailseeker Weapons 3 10
1H Mace Weapons 2 10
Witchwork Weapons 1 5
Wildfire Weapons 1 5
Wild Weapons 1 5
Whispering Bow Weapons 1 5
Warbow Weapons 1 5
Spiked Gauntlets Weapons 1 5
Shadowcaller Weapons 1 5
Realmbreaker Weapons 1 5
Ravenstriker Weapons 1 5
Permafrost Prism Weapons 1 5
Nature Weapons 1 5
Light Crossbow Weapons 1 5
Lifecurse Weapons 1 5
Heron Spear Weapons 1 5
Hand of Justice Weapons 1 5
Hallowfall Weapons 1 5
Greater Holy Staff Weapons 1 5
Great Hammer Weapons 1 5
Great Cursed Weapons 1 5
Frost Staff Weapons 1 5
Forge Hammers Weapons 1 5
Fallen Weapons 1 5
Double Bladed Staff Weapons 1 5
Demonic Staff Weapons 1 5
Demonfang Weapons 1 5
Deathgivers Weapons 1 5
DayBreaker Weapons 1 5
Dagger Pair Weapons 1 5
Crossbow Weapons 2 5
Carving Sword Weapons 1 5
Camlann Mace Weapons 1 5
Brimstone Weapons 1 5
Bridled Fury Weapons 1 5
Bloodletter Weapons 1 5
Blight Weapons 1 5
Bear Paws Weapons 1 5
Battleaxe Weapons 1 5
Battle Bracers Weapons 1 5
Badon Bow Weapons 1 5
1H Spear Weapons 2 5
1H Curse Weapons 1 5
Facebreaker Offhand 5 15
Torch Offhand 3 10
Shield Offhand 1 5
Scepter Offhand 1 5
Muisak Offhand 1 5
Mistcaller Offhand 1 5
Leering Cane Offhand 1 5
Cryptcandle Offhand 1 5
Censer Offhand 1 5


Item Item Type Build QTY Maintain QTY
Beef Stew Food 26 50
Avalonian Beef Sandwich Food 6 25
Avalonian Omelette Food 5 25
Sturgeon Food 2 20
Roast Pork Food 2 20
Pork Omelet Food 2 20
Puremist Snapper Food 1 10
Pork Omelette Food 1 10
Dusthole Crab Omelette Food 1 10
Avalonian Omelet Food 1 10


Item Item Type Build QTY Maintain QTY
Resistance Potion Potions 36 100
Poison Potion Potions 7 50
Invis Potion Potions 1 25
Health Potion Potions 3 25

Armory Tier 2 Gear

Other Items


We stock the following mounts:

  • T5 Armored Horse


Additionally we stock these items:

  • T4 bags