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In Albion Online we are using a modified approach to how we are handling loot for guild events and guild run content. For all events and content being run by the guild (i.e. an officer is organizing) or with our alliance partners we will be doing a loot split where gear is shared equally among participants and the guild taking a small cut to help fund our Guild Armory program and other guild needs.


In games where full loot PvP is present equitable loot distribution can be a challenge. You need to be able to handle a wide variety of situations, imagine if you will:

  • What if we, as a group, kill someone and all the loot is picked up by a single person?
  • What if there are people who die during the course of full loot PvP and lose all of their gear while everyone else lives?
  • How do we synergize our approach to loot with our alliance partners?

Some amount of normalization is required to make sure that everyone is given a fair shake at the loot, regardless of the outcomes of pvp fights, distribution of loot throughout a party, etc.

Additionally we have more expenditures as a guild than we would normally in another MMO - we want to be able to offer a range of services that will cost us a substantial amount of silver. We have been exceedingly lucky with donations from members so far (thank you everyone, truly) and I suspect that will continue, but we need some form of predictable revenue that won’t straight up discourage people from joining the guild (i.e. I think it is our preference that we leave our 5% tax rate in place, as taking a cut off the top of silver gains beyond that might be overly greedy, and will certainly dissuade people from the guild before they realize the benefit we are offering them for that money).


This loot split policy will be in effect at the following times:

  • During all scheduled guild events
  • During all impromptu events hosted by an officer
  • During alliance events where PvP occurs

Loot Split Method

Below you can see how loot will be handled...

During the event:

  • Players will loot as they go, as normal
  • Silver bags should be kept unredeemed until the end of the event, they do not drop on death and are not at risk
  • At the end of an event (or during the course of it if we’re doing drop offs) we will place all loot together in the Loot Split tab of the guild bank / or in the Loot Split tab of the alliance Hideout if we're operating out of there

After the event, loot distribution:

  • Officer will confirm that everyone has put loot in the correct chest
  • Everyone will open their silver bags, communicating to the officer doing the split how much silver they acquired
  • That silver should immediately be donated to the guild (don't worry, we will equal out the silver when we pay out the split!)
  • The split officer will repair all of the loot that is damaged, deducting that amount from the split
  • The total loot pool will be made up of the market value of all the loot and silver gathered minus the repair costs
  • The pool will be split as follows:
    • 75% of the total loot pool value will be divided among the players who participated in the event
    • 25% of the total loot pool value will be donated into the guild bank
  • Players will immediately be paid out the silver amount amounting to their share of the split
  • The split officer will withdraw the player pool amount from the guild bank
  • The split officer will move the loot from the Loot Split tab into the Donation tab

After the loot distribution:

  • The loot in the Donation tab will then be sold off by a dedicated bank manager character on RJO’s account (Dragomonk, say hi if you see me online!)
  • Periodically we will update our Bank Log here on the wiki, the revenue, expenses and profit will be tracked on the wiki and made fully auditable and accountable to you all, that wiki article is here: Albion Online Guild Bank Log

If you want to see how we calculate the split, you can view our [Loot Split Calculator Google Sheet]. You can feel free to use this to calculate splits yourself if you are running groups and want to split.

Guild Funds

Just for an abundance of understanding and clarity, we would like to detail what we will be using these funds for:

  • Market fees for selling the split loot - we're immediately paying you out your share without the need to sell, etc. We are maintaining an extra premium character solely for this purpose, to make sure that everyone in an event is getting premium market rates on their loot in events! These fees immediately amount to 6.5% of the split, and an additional 2% in savings for non premium players.
  • Generating content, things such as:
    • Prizes or incentives for guild activities
    • The construction of Hideouts
    • The maintenance of the guild island, hideouts and any territory we hold in the future (things like food, etc cost money, and we are working on getting a supply chain up to support this)
  • The Albion Online Guild Armory program for gearing, regearing and helping our new players get started on the right foot. Consult the wiki page for more details